Singer / Music Director

Deepak Kumar a name of many talent in one, was born in Hyderabad and was brought up in Mumbai.

He has learnt Classical music from three Guru's and also can read and write Urdu. He used to sing when he was just 5 years old and started singing in school and college functions and competitions and earned many 1st prizes and best singers awards.

He is the founder member of the famous RaasGarba group " SATELLITES "and played drums for more than 18 years, he has always tried to create new style of rhythmic music which made "SATELLITES" so popular all over the world. He started his group with 3 members and now he is performing with more then 20 professional musicians and singers who are young, talented and enthusiastic and are using the latest equipments on the stage in the name of "DEEPAK KUMAR SATELLITES" which is creating waves.

He is multitalented artist who's most fascinating art is singing and apart from this he also plays Keyboards and Guitar and also composes his own Gujarati and Hindi songs and. His personal compositions like "PETHAL PUR MA, KAHO POONAM NA,OH GORI AAV, MUMBAI SHEHER MA, MANGAL DIVADO, RADHIYADI RAAT, EK DIVAS HOON GAYOTO" and many more songs are so very popular that majority all the RaasGarba groups sing these songs.

He has Composed more than 200 songs and gave music for 2 films and 5 Serials and is also very good for scoring Background music, he has also composed many Caller tunes. He has learnt Classical music from three Guru's and also can read and write Urdu.

He has released more than 28 cassettes and CDs in which "AASMAN NA RANG, KESARIO RANG, NEEL GAGAN NA PANKHERU, RUM PUM POSH, BHAMARIA, GUNJ, RADHIYADI, RAAT NEEL GAGAN NA, BHAKTI JHARANA and many more which are very popular.

Above all DEEPAK KUMAR strongly believes in God "GANESH" and Goddess "AMBA MA "and starts all his programmes with Prayers.


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